Welcome to South Warnborough

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Parish Council Services

The Parish Council provides a range of services to residents as well as monitoring the services provided by Hart District Council and Hampshire County Council. The services provided by the Parish Council are:


There is a Heartsine SAM 350P defibrillator located on the low wall by the post box outside the Village Shop with instructions for use available here.  

Recreation Ground

The Parish Council leases, insures and organises all routine inspections of the recreation ground on Gaston Lane on behalf of parish residents. The recreation ground contains a grass football pitch, playground equipment and the SWAGA – the South Warnborough All-weather Games Area, which is available for tennis and five-a-side football.  The recreation ground is a charitable trust and general management of the recreation ground and its facilities is by a committee of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council is providing new playground equipment this summer with a planned opening date of 1st August 2021.

The Parish Council also provides ground maintenance for the recreation ground through a Ground Maintenance contractor and also through the Hampshire County Council Parish Lengthsman Scheme.

Maintenance of the Village Green and other Village Public Open Spaces

The Parish Council provides ground maintenance to the village green and other public open spaces in the village primarily through a Ground Maintenance contractor and the Hampshire County Council Parish Lengthsman Scheme.

The village green is at the centre of the village at the junction of Lees Hill and Alton Road and is opposite the war memorial.  It is a “gardened” village green area containing mixed borders, which are managed by local volunteers, a bus stop and grassed area.

The village green is the centrepiece of a four stage Village Green Project to enhance the centre of the village.  The project was funded through local fundraising, including proceeds from the flower festival, village fete and residents’ donations, as well as grants from the Parish Council, the Parochial Church Council, Hampshire County Council and the War Memorial Trust.

Parish Council Burial Ground

The Parish Council provides a burial ground which is located behind St Andrews Church (the churchyard is now closed for burials).  The burial ground is primarily for parishioners or anyone with a claim to the Parish and provides for interments and the scattering of ashes (see Burial Ground Regulations, Fees and Application Form). 

The War Memorial

The Parish Council has the responsibility for the care of the parish war memorial. This is located in the centre of the village at the junction of Froyle Lane and Alton Road.

The war memorial was raised in 1920 as a permanent testament to the sacrifice made by the 15 local servicemen who died in the First World War and the two who died in the Second World War.  It was given grade II listed status in 2016 as part of the commemorations of the centenary of the First World War.

Local fundraising by volunteers and a grant from the War Memorial Trust has funded improvements to the location and access to the memorial and it is a valued part of the centre of the village.

Planning Consultation

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee for planning applications in the parish. However, the decision on whether to grant or refuse permission is made by the Planning Authority, which for most applications is Hart District Council.

The Parish Council is supported in planning issues in the village by the South Warnborough Local Plan Review Committee. This is a sub-committee of the Parish Council made up of local residents.  It was originally set up in 2014 with the remit to review key planning issues in the parish and provide advice to the Parish Council.

Information on planning applications can be found on the planning pages of Hart District Council website.

Current planning applications are listed here.

Highways and Public Rights of Way

The condition of local highways and Rights of Way is routinely reviewed at Parish Council meetings.

Contact with Hampshire County Council (the local authority responsible for highways) to request highways repairs is carried out by Parish Councillor Stephen Highley.  He can be contacted via email on stephen.highley@gmail.com.

The Parish Council representatives for footpaths and other public rights of way are Cllr Belinda Hall and Cllr Gavin McBride.


Parish Council Noticeboards

Parish information, including Councillor contact details, meeting agenda and current planning applications, is provided on the Parish Council notice-boards at the Village Shop.


Public Transport

The parish has a single bus service, the No. 13 service between Basingstoke and Liphook, operated by Stagecoach UK Bus.  The service runs Monday to Friday with a reduced service on Saturday and no service on Sunday with the time table from January 2020 available here.

There are two bus stops with one located at the village green and the other opposite the village shop.  Please note that the bus stops are request stops, so passengers will need to signal the driver to stop.

The Parish Council has provided a bus shelter at the Village Green.

You can download the Stagecoach Bus App, free of charge, for Apple and Android mobile phones from App store and Google Play respectively – you can then use it to plan your journey, check live bus times and buy mobile tickets (using Paypal, debit or credit card).


Land Holdings and Assets

The Parish Council owns a small amount of land in the parish being:

  • the Parish Council Burial Ground
  • small fenced enclosure beside 1 Hawthorn Cottages on Gaston Lane;
  • the Southview Footpath - the short length of hedged footpath at the junction of Gaston Lane and Lees Hill;
  • the Village Green at the junction of Lees Hill and Alton Road
  • the area immediately around the War Memorial at the junction of Frome Lane and  Alton Road.


The current Parish Council asset register is available here.


Emergency Information

999 – The main emergency number

This is the emergency number for police, ambulance, fire brigade, coastguard, cliff rescue, mountain rescue, cave rescue, etc. Note the important word ‘EMERGENCY’. This number should be used only when urgent attendance by the emergency services is required – for example someone is seriously ill or injured, or a crime is in progress.  Calls are free, and 999 can be dialled from a locked mobile phone.

If calling from a motorway the Highway Code advises  that you call from a roadside phone.  These are never more than 1 mile apart and roadside markers every 100m will tell which direction is the nearest one.

112 is another emergency number

112 operates the same as 999 but will work on a mobile phone from anywhere in the world

0800 111 999 - Gas Emergency

If you:

  • Can smell gas
  • Think you have a gas leak
  • Are worried about carbon monoxide fumes

Please call the free 24-hour National Gas Emergency Service number immediately: 0800 111 999.  Free 24hours a day, seven days a week.

105 - Electrical Emergency 

If you've got an electrical emergency or you lose power, you'll need to contact your electricity network operator.  Call 105 to be put through to your local electricity network operator. This is a free service, available from most landlines and mobile phones.

101 - the non-emergency number for the police

Use 101 when you want to contact the police, but it’s not an emergency – i.e. an immediate response is not necessary and/or will not be serve any purpose.  For example, your car has been  stolen, your property has been damaged, your home has been broken into.  101 can also be used to give information about a crime committed, or to contact the police with a general enquiry.

111 - the non emergency medical number

111 is available nationwide and replaced and expanded on the former NHS Direct service. Use this for illnesses and minor injuries where life isn’t threatened, but you would like some advice on what to do next.


Flooding and Extreme Weather

What to do if there is flooding (road, sewer, burst water main etc.), you have no water, where to source sandbags, clarification on who has the responsibility to maintain watercourses, weather advice including weather warnings,  and road gritting information is available on the Hart District Council Flooding and Weather Advice page