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Planning Requirements

The Parish Council is a statutory body which can only act with the powers invested in it by law, is democratically elected and the closest tier of local government to the community it serves.  This status gives the Parish Council increased access to information and increases the influence of the Parish Council in the planning process, but this has limits.

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee in the planning application process.  There is therefore a requirement in law that the Planning Authority must consult with the Parish Council on planning applications.  The Parish Council can then comment on an application and must do this by the end of the consultation period, normally 21 days, but the decision on the application rests solely with the Planning Authority, which is in most cases Hart District Council.

How the Parish Council carries out its role as a statutory consultee is specified in the Planning Protocol which was revised and adopted in September 2019 and is available here

In addition to planning permission there are other authorisations required for works on your property.  The main part of the Village is designated as a Conservation Area which is described in the statement available here.  There are increased planning requirements in the Conservation Area including a requirement to notify Hart District Council before carrying out works to trees which are more than 7.5cm in diameter when measured 1.5m above ground level and a requirement to obtain consent before any demolition works.

TPO Consent is required for management of trees when they are protected by a Tree Preservation Order wherever these are located in the Parish.

Listed Building consent is required for the majority of works to a property, wall or other structure where they are designated as a listed building

 You can check whether you are in the Conservation Area, whether your tree is protected by a TPO, whether your property is listed and other planning information on the Hart DC website under My Local Area, using your postcode.

Guidance on tree works applications (either for trees in the Conservation Area or trees protected by a TPO) is available on the Hart DC website here.

Guidance on Listed Building Consent is available on the Hart DC website here.